What Causes Male Baldness

Many men start to notice hair loss as they reach adulthood and begin to age. While male baldness may not be a serious medical condition in most cases, it can cause self esteem damage and discomfort with your physical appearance as it gets worse. All types of baldness are not permanent, but the most common type, male pattern baldness, can be if it isn’t treated quickly. Figuring out what causes male baldness is the first step in figuring out how to treat it before the hair loss becomes permanent.

What Causes Male Baldness?

Male baldness can have several causes, though hereditary pattern baldness is the most common. If your hair is thinning in a pattern that includes an “M” shape at your brow and thinning on top, you probably suffer from male pattern baldness. If your hair is falling out quickly enough that you notice shedding or in obvious clumps, you may have baldness caused by stress or a medication side effect and should probably take it up with your doctor to make sure what causes male baldness in you isn’t anything serious.

Male pattern baldness is caused by hair follicles that have grown too small to continue growing new hair. Male hormones like testosterone bind with other normal things in a man’s body to create the hormone DHT. While most men have no issue with DHT, men experiencing hereditary male pattern baldness have hair follicles that start to shrink and become damaged when they are exposed to the hormone. Hereditary male patterned balding is what causes male baldness for the majority of men who experience hair loss.

Fighting What Causes Male Baldness

Drugs and supplements designed to fight what causes male baldness work best when they target either the testosterone that produces DHT or the DHT itself. Through inhibiting the amount of DHT a man produces, the balding process can be slowed, stopped, and occasionally hair growth can be restored. Prescription drugs aimed at fighting male pattern baldness frequently reduce testosterone production enough that men taking them have trouble with sexual dysfunction, but non-prescription supplements aimed at DHT directly either orally or through the skin do not have these sexual side effects.

Procerin is a male baldness remedy designed to fight what causes male baldness by stopping DHT at the source. Procerin is available as both a pill and a topical foam so you can take whichever one makes you most comfortable or use both at once for faster results. No male pattern baldness remedies can regrow all lost hair, but Procerin can make the hair you have that still has the possibility of growth stay put and grow thick and healthy again. Find out more about how Procerin can fight your male pattern baldness at www.procerin.com.