Male Balding Symptoms

Male pattern balding can leave a man almost completely bald when it is left untreated. Unfortunately, once many men start to recognize male balding symptoms the hair follicles in the damaged area are beyond help. To properly treat male pattern balding, you need to start treatment before the hair has completely stopped growing. Recognizing the symptoms of inherited patterned balding as early as possible can go a long way toward helping a man keep his hair permanently.

Recognizing Male Balding Symptoms

Many men at the beginning stages of going bald notice a mildly receding hairline that creates the start of an “M” shape. Hair doesn’t disappear all at once, so this first symptom can be subtle and difficult to really notice until quite a bit of your hairline has receded. Usually, the hair on the very top of your head will begin to thin out at the same time. Eventually, the thinning hair on top of your head will create a bald spot that will widen enough to meet your receding hairline and create the traditional horseshoe shape that most people associate with pattern baldness.

Men at the first stages of balding may feel finder, shorter hair in the balding areas that doesn’t seem to grow as fast or at all. Sometimes, men with balding symptoms that indicate male pattern baldness may notice their hair getting a little bit lighter as well. Hair shouldn’t fall out in patches or shed actively enough that you notice with traditional pattern balding, so if you are experiencing these male balding symptoms you may want to see a doctor to make sure you aren’t experiencing a different, treatable condition.

Combat Male Balding Symptoms With The Right Remedy

There are a variety of prescription and over the counter treatments aimed at helping men fight male balding symptoms. For balding in the early stages, prescription drugs aimed at helping your body stop producing the hormone that causes pattern balding to occur can stop balding before it gets serious and help follicles recover. Unfortunately, prescription remedies frequently cause sexual dysfunction in balding men due to testosterone changes. Surgery is an option for some men in late stages of patterned balding, though the risk and potential problems make it a less than ideal solution.

Procerin is an over the counter male pattern baldness remedy that has been clinically proven to help the majority of men suffering from male balding symptoms recover healthy hair. While Procerin can’t grow new hair once no hair will grow, it can help hair that is still present grow thicker and stronger while halting further pattern balding progression. If you are losing hair due to male pattern baldness, try Procerin risk free at to find out what it can do for you today.