Male Balding Solutions

For anyone experiencing male pattern baldness, finding male balding solutions can help build confidence and keep you looking your best. Unfortunately, there are quite a few answers out there that may not work as well as advertised or cause serious side effects that very few men would be willing to live with for a healthy head of hair. Read on to find out more about the male pattern baldness options that are out there, and how to choose one that will do as much good as possible without causing harm.

Prescription Male Balding Solutions

For hair loss in the early stages of male pattern baldness, a doctor can prescribe drugs like Propecia to slow down hair loss and occasionally stimulate the growth of new hair. While Propecia and similar drugs do work quite well, they have side effects that make them less than ideal as male balding solutions. The hormone responsible for causing male pattern baldness is created with testosterone, so prescription drugs that stop hair loss usually do so by changing the testosterone levels in your body. This change can cause many men to have issues with sexual dysfunction and lowered interest in sex.

Surgical Male Balding Solutions

For male pattern baldness that has progressed to the point where you have a significant loss of hair and bald spots where no new hair can grow, the answer most medical professionals will offer is surgery. Several surgical male balding solutions exist, including hair plugs and relocating scalp and hair from other parts of the head to stimulate new hair growth. Surgery is never an ideal option, but for some men with extreme pattern baldness it can be the only way to restore hair that is completely gone.

Safe Over The Counter Help

Over the counter male balding solutions do exist, and some of them can be quite effective. Several different topical solutions available can help stop hair loss and occasionally regrow some hair, though many of these have a distinctive smell associated with use or problems with scalp staining. Natural male baldness solutions like Procerin can offer both stain and smell free topical help and a pill form so a man can set up a treatment regimen that is comfortable for him.

Procerin is an over the counter male balding solution that has been clinically proven to stop male pattern balding with no serious side effects. Procerin is sold as both a pill and foam for your scalp, so you can use either option to see results or try both for a faster hair recovery process. While Procerin cannot regrow hair from follicles that are completely done growing hair, most men have enough hair follicles functioning to see significant improvement in one to three months of regular Procerin use. You can find out what Procerin can do for you at