Male Balding Remedies

For men losing hair to male pattern baldness, finding male balding remedies that work safely can be difficult. Many prescription solutions can cause a man to experience sexual dysfunction due to changes in testosterone production, making the cure frequently seem worse than the disease. Luckily, there are some options that can actually help a man slow or even stop male pattern baldness without serious side effects.

Male Balding Remedies From A Doctor

A doctor can offer prescription drugs designed to help block DHT in order to slow or halt hair loss in cases of male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, prescription drugs aimed at combating hair loss often come with side effects that most men would consider worse than the condition they are trying to treat. Because DHT is converted testosterone, prescription drugs designed to be male balding remedies frequently decrease testosterone production as a side effect, creating sexual dysfunction and a low sex drive in many men who take them.

For advanced cases of male pattern balding, a doctor may be able to offer a surgical option for restoring hair. By taking healthy scalp areas and moving hair into balding regions, a doctor can help a man recover lost hair production. Unfortunately, finding a surgeon who is skilled at this type of surgery is a difficult process, and small mistakes can end up looking unnatural and leaving the patient unsatisfied. Because any surgery is a potentially dangerous option, choosing male balding remedies that include surgery should only be used as a last resort in cases where the potential risks and benefits are thoroughly considered.

Over The Counter Male Balding Remedies

Many over the counter remedies exist for combating male pattern baldness. When looking for male baldness remedies that can be purchased without a prescription, it is important to make sure that any option chosen has been proven to work in actual clinical studies. Consider whether or not any topical agent used has an undesirable smell or staining aspect before beginning a treatment regiment, since the issues associated with some over the counter treatments can be undesirable.

Procerin is a male balding treatment that is available as both a pill and a topical solution with no smell or staining issues and no unwanted sexual side effects. Procerin has been proven in clinical trials to restore damaged hair follicles that are still present and capable of growing. While Procerin cannot replace hair in a completely bald region, men who act while hair is still present and growing can expect to see thicker, healthier hair in thinning regions and a stop to hair loss in three months or less. Try Procerin risk free at to find out if this treatment can work for you.