Male Balding Patterns

Male balding patterns can be a difficult source of stress for many young and older men. Even the first stages of approaching baldness can lower yourself worth and make it difficult to look your best. If you are noticing an unusual amount of hair thinning or hair loss, it is important to figure out whether it is caused by inherited male pattern baldness or a temporary condition to make sure you give your hair the best recovery chance possible. Inherited male balding patterns do not always mean you will lose your hair as long as you get treatment quickly.

Are You Experiencing Male Pattern Baldness?

Hair loss associated with genetic baldness is caused by a hormone called DHT binding to hair follicles in your scalp and causing them to shrink and eventually die. DHT is made when a normal enzyme present in all men binds with testosterone and usually doesn’t cause any problems. Unfortunately, some men inherit hair follicles that cause DHT to bind to the follicles and cause damage. The damage caused by this type of hair loss happens in a specific pattern that many men can recognize as a traditional male balding pattern.

Unlike several other hair loss causes, like stress related hair loss and chemotherapy, male pattern baldness is a lifelong condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a feeling of thinner, more brittle hair that seems to grow more slowly than it used to, you may be experiencing the beginning of the male baldness pattern associated with the well known form of genetic male baldness. While there are other causes of male hair loss, traditional male balding patterns most often mean a man is experiencing the inherited baldness caused by DHT sensitive hair follicles.

What Are Male Balding Patterns?

For men who’ve noticed thinning hair, it may be difficult to recognize whether the culprit is male pattern baldness or a separate issue. Male balding patterns that affect men experiencing male pattern baldness usually start with a feeling of hair thinning right at the brow that moves back to create a receding hairline. Eventually, bald spots will form across the top of the head moving back until you experience the traditional horseshoe pattern that is most often associated with male pattern baldness.

Fight Balding Safely

The sooner male balding patterns are recognized, the better your chances of treating your hair loss in time to retain a full head of hair. Procerin is a male balding treatment designed to block DHT production without the sexual side effects associated with prescription testosterone blocking drugs. For a man who has started to notice balding patterns while hair is still capable of growing, Procerin can eliminate the effects of male pattern baldness. Find out more about how Procerin can help you at