Male Balding

For many otherwise healthy men, male pattern baldness seems like a problem that is impossible to avoid. There are both prescription and non-prescription remedies available that may help if male balding is caught early enough, though some of them come with serious and annoying side effects that may be worse than the problem they are trying to treat. For a man facing male pattern baldness, finding the right treatment as soon as possible can help reverse hair damage and eventual loss before it becomes permanent.

Male Balding Cause

The traditional type of inherited male balding that most men experience is caused by an overabundance of a hormone called DHT, built from a naturally occurring enzyme binding with testosterone. In men who inherit a susceptibility to male baldness, the DHT in their system will bind with hair follicles and cause them to shrink until they eventually stop growing all together and begin to die off. The hair in a man with DHT caused balding will notice thin, lighter hair and organized patterns of hair loss.

Male Balding Treatments

Prescription treatment for male balding caused by DHT usually involves working with the amount of testosterone a man’s body generates in order to reduce the amount of DHT present in the scalp. Unfortunately, any treatment that affects the testosterone level in a man may come with a reduced sex drive and possible sexual dysfunction. For this reason, prescription male balding treatments are frequently seen as worse than the balding itself and often better avoided.

Non-prescription treatments for male balding can vary in effectiveness. The most effective form of non-prescription male pattern baldness treatments work by blocking DHT directly either internally with supplements or externally through the scalp. Unlike prescription treatments, over the counter DHT blocking supplements don’t affect testosterone directly in order to avoid producing unwanted sexual side effects. Some chemical heavy external agents may cause staining, so be careful to choose a natural DHT blocking treatment like Procerin in order to get the highest level of benefit without any embarrassing stains on the scalp.

Procerin is a male balding treatment that you can order without a prescription to start healing damage from DHT caused hair loss right away. Procerin comes in both an internal and external form, leaving men to try either or both depending on the time frame and desired results. Procerin has been clinically proven to help hair follicles damaged from DHT caused male pattern baldness reverse damage and grow healthy hair again as long as the follicle is still present. Try Procerin risk free for three months at to find out whether it can reverse your male pattern baldness today.